fredag 3 september 2010


Working together with a new artist called "Fejld" right now. Pure formless ambient without any beats or melodies. A few harmonies, but not that many... Quite relaxing to work outside everything that is even remotely like pop. Will be an EP released on Kuf Records btw. Probably a combo thing, bandcamp for cheap and a expensive package in physical form if you order it from So the release numbers for the fall is these:

KUF002 - Rasmus Nyåker - Let's face it, the square's gone (A compilation of 13 covers by artists and bands that have never heard the original recordings) LongPlay

KUF003 - The Mush Orchestra - Nowhere to be and all day to get there LongPlay

KUF004 - Fejld - Illiterate Poetry ExtendedPlay

Also working on maybe putting up a release with a guy that makes weird stuff under the name "BabySyphilis". He has got a strange website without any info: Check it out!

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