onsdag 21 april 2010

Rhythmic Processing

Right now I'm working on a tune that is supposed to be the first track on an album called "Nowhere to be and all day to get there" under the name "The Mush Orchestra". It is quite a huge ambient piece as the first sketch arrangements are only of the first half and around 7-8 minutes. So the final tune will be around 16 minutes I guess...

Anyway. I had a hard time getting a piano-part to sit well with the rest of the tune so I felt it needed some processing. To keep the nice harmonics and dynamics intact I decided to slice up a reverb I had put on a AUX-send instead of processing the piano itself. So I used a 100% wet-signal and put it out through my Boss SL-20 stompbox. I could have used my Nord Modular G2 for the same task, but I like to play with dedicated boxes once in a while as it is easier to try out multiple settings fast. It worked out pretty good and I also added some ambience noises I recorded through an open window in the studio and on top of that a bassline I made with the Studio-Electronics ATC-1 and a beatbox loop made with the Elektron Machinedrum-UW. What you hear in this example is the piano in its original recording first and after 8 measures I let you see the result of this processing.


Piano-ReverbSlicing-Example by Copenhagen Noise Lab

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