torsdag 22 april 2010

Shit in - Shit out?!

I often find myself working in different ways. The other day I was lying on the couch with my girlfriend and noodled around on an acoustic guitar while she watched tv. I found an idea for a kind of "bossanova" chord structure and recorded it on a cheap field-recorder just to remember it. Anyway. When I started to work on it in the studio I started to sketch with the recording I had and managed to get it interesting enough to keep in the final tune. Eventhough the guitar-track I had sounded like crap I used some eq, delay and filter to cover it up. And after I sliced it up in Logic to put it in rhythm with everything else it started to sound rather nice.

The example below is first the guitar recording I had and then part of the song it is used in. The tune btw, is for the next album released under my own name "Rasmus Nyåker" and will feature some female vocals before it is done.

Guitar-CutUp-Example by Copenhagen Noise Lab

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