fredag 24 september 2010

Fejld - Winter in Trumansburg

First sample of the coming EP is the tune 'Winter in Trumansburg'.


Fejld - Winter in Trumansburg by KUF Records

fredag 17 september 2010

More Fejld Noodles

Almost 5 minutes of G2-ambient followed by breakbeats, jazz och madness.

Nord Modular G2 - melodic-stuff and all things paddy and bassy.
Machinedrum UW through KaossPad3 - broken breakbeats
Noise things - SQ10-MS10 and Virus TI Snow

onsdag 15 september 2010

Fejld - Live improvisation

We had some fun in the lab today. Played around with a few things without any sync and recorded it onto a field-recorder. Might give you a taste of what Fejld's coming EP will be like... ...or not.


Ibuprofen(Live at CNL) by Fejld by Copenhagen Noise Lab

Description from our Soundcloud account:
The ambient duo Fejld! Live improvised ambient at the Copenhagen Noise Lab, sorry for the distortion on the pads in the middle. Recorded on a cheap field-recorder. Won't be on any album, just having some fun inbetween the recording sessions.

Noise-rhythm SQ10 controlled MS10 through distortion and analog delay.
Machinedrum UW through KaossPad3 for granual-rhythms.
Bass-pad and Mid-Pad from the Nord Modular G2
No DAW, No Midi-sequencers, No Syncronization, just Fun.

Release of the cover project.

KUF Records is releasing the cover project mentioned earlier here. You can find most about it through this page.

måndag 6 september 2010

Fact 4

Silence is golden...
 with dynamics is platinum. Don't over-compress or brickwall-limit!

fredag 3 september 2010


Working together with a new artist called "Fejld" right now. Pure formless ambient without any beats or melodies. A few harmonies, but not that many... Quite relaxing to work outside everything that is even remotely like pop. Will be an EP released on Kuf Records btw. Probably a combo thing, bandcamp for cheap and a expensive package in physical form if you order it from So the release numbers for the fall is these:

KUF002 - Rasmus Nyåker - Let's face it, the square's gone (A compilation of 13 covers by artists and bands that have never heard the original recordings) LongPlay

KUF003 - The Mush Orchestra - Nowhere to be and all day to get there LongPlay

KUF004 - Fejld - Illiterate Poetry ExtendedPlay

Also working on maybe putting up a release with a guy that makes weird stuff under the name "BabySyphilis". He has got a strange website without any info: Check it out!

tisdag 24 augusti 2010

Got a great idea?!

So you just got an idea that just feels perfect for something. Just make sure to start to execute it asap. The problem is that even the best idea will feel like any old shit after you've let it spin around in your head for sometime. And at that stage you won't do it. And you will never realize how good the idea was. The worst critic is almost always your first person especially in futurum. When you start to making an idea reality you will be forced to make lots of decisions, these decisions are the stuff that makes a good idea even greater. So don't waste your time thinking about all aspects of stuff... Get to work on it!