tisdag 24 augusti 2010

Got a great idea?!

So you just got an idea that just feels perfect for something. Just make sure to start to execute it asap. The problem is that even the best idea will feel like any old shit after you've let it spin around in your head for sometime. And at that stage you won't do it. And you will never realize how good the idea was. The worst critic is almost always your first person especially in futurum. When you start to making an idea reality you will be forced to make lots of decisions, these decisions are the stuff that makes a good idea even greater. So don't waste your time thinking about all aspects of stuff... Get to work on it!

måndag 23 augusti 2010

Fact 4

Recorded music is redundant.

fredag 20 augusti 2010

This is my band!

Well, I use a macmini, but you get the point. Feel free to use the image. Print it on a tee or whatever.

Fact 3

Sex, drugs and rock n' roll is one of the most tired clichés ever.

Give me something new, something creative...

A new dawn...

Posted a challange online today, it is gonna be interesting to see the outcome.

I need some help...

I let my mind wander the other day about my thoughts on music in general and my own work to be more specific. I came to the conclusion that what I most of all would love is to hear someone singing my tunes in the shower, but without me knowing. Something that is impossible. So my idea was transformed. How about making another album with exactly the same songs as my last one? (Well, I have had this idea for a while and am almost done remixing the tunes). But I don't wanna release a remix album anymore...

Instead... My idea is to get 13 bands, producers, etc., to record cover-versions of the tracks. But with a big twist - they will not be presented the original recordings before completing the task. They will only get a notation of the chords and the lyrics and are free to do whatever they want within these restrictions. The tunes will be made under Creative Commons (as the copyright matter on this thing is too complicated to deal with). The album will be a free download from bandcamp, soundcloud and kufrec.com. They will be available there until the 11th of March, 2011, from the moment the album is mastered. After the 11th of March, 2011, I will never again press or distribute this album and the people behind the cover are free to do whatever they want with the tune supplied. At the same date I will also delete the original album (the one the covers are based on) from all online sources and any places retailing it in CD form that I can manage to control. After this I will never again release another album using my own name and I will never sell or give away any music carrying my own name.

So if you feel like contributing to this cover-album, these are the criteria to fulfill:

1. You should not have heard any of the songs on my album "Back at Square One"
2. You will only get chords and lyrics for 1 tune
3. You will need to send me your cover via the internet within a week of getting the stuff mentioned above.

I will not interfere with your aesthetic decisions as long as some of the chords and lyrics are used in the track in some way. The track will, however, be mastered so the volume and frequency response match better across the album.

So if you feel up for the challange, drop me a line at info (at) kufrec.com, "Unheard cover" as subject.

If I get an answer from more than 13 artists I will choose the 13 at random, the same way I will randomly pick which song each of you get. Each track will be presented as "Rasmus Nyåker vs *your name/band/moniker* - *track name*".


Rasmus Nyåker

torsdag 19 augusti 2010

Fact 2

Elvis is, and will remain DEAD!

onsdag 18 augusti 2010

Fact 1

Music is overrated.